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Our activities promote self-belief and develop life-skills, equipping children and teenagers with the aspiration and opportunities they need to fulfil their potential.

We are a charity, and rely on the generosity of our supporters to fulfil our mission. Whether you decide to make a one-off donation or set up a monthly gift, we promise that the donation you make today will make a genuine difference to our work, allowing us to plan more confidently for the future and give our members the best experiences and opportunities possible.

Research has proven that every £1 invested in The Aloud Charity is worth over £13 to our local communities – as an investment in the future through their young people. So your £20 per month will be worth more than £260 per month to these young people, their families and their wider communities, and the ongoing benefits this returns to society.

We are delighted to be supported by friends across the world. Although we can only set up gifts through Direct Debit for supporters living in the UK, we can now take Regular Payment gifts from your linked payment card for international supporters.

If you would like to talk about other ways you can make a donation, please get in touch.

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Donating to The Aloud Charity by text message is a quick and easy way to help provide unique opportunities for young people in Wales.

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How does your donation make a difference?

Promotes Healthier & Happier Communities

It’s a well-known fact that singing is a fantastic way of maintaining physical and mental wellbeing. 91% of our participants’ parents also see an improvement in their child’s confidence levels.

Increases Self-Esteem

Our activity is specifically designed with young people in mind. We create a community where teenagers build life-long friendships, find their voice and develop specific skills to maximise their true potential.

Provides Excellent Musical Experiences

We offer exciting performance opportunities in prestigious venues across the world, sharing the stage with world-famous artists and broadcast across international platforms.

Creates a Sense of Belonging

Our members and their families often describe their involvement in our activity like being part of a family. We are proud to contribute more engaged and energized people to our society.

Instils Important Values for Life

Our activities teach key skills in a non-judgemental and non-competitive environment, nurturing values of teamwork, respect and responsibility.

Establishes Positive Role Models

Our wonderful Choir Leaders are not only professional musicians, but act as positive role models for our participants. Past members often become choir leaders, volunteers or trustees themselves, giving back to the charity and encouraging the next generation.

Become a Calon Member

Did you know, Calon means ‘Heart’ in Welsh?

Our Calon Members are the beating heart of The Aloud Charity, playing a vital part in our success.