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Aelodau Calon sy’n cynnal curiad Elusen Aloud.  Yn syml, ni fyddai’n bosib inni ddarparu Only Boys Aloud, Only Girls Aloud ac Only Kids Aloud heb eich rhoddion hael.

Yn y cyntaf o’n Cyfres Rhoi Aloud rydyn ni’n siarad ag aelod Calon Sarah Free ynghylch pam mae hi’n cefnogi Elusen Aloud:

Beth wnaeth eich ysgogi chi i gefnogi Elusen Aloud drwy ein cynllun Calon?

“Only Boys Aloud stole my heart when I first heard them sing at a St David’s Day service at the House of Commons.  Their Welsh music with a twist took me back to my childhood in the Land of Song, where the power of group singing at concerts, competitions and events had provided enduring friendships, fun and opportunities, and a sense of unity, togetherness and belonging.  (Indeed, my own school choir is soon reuniting for our 40th anniversary, to sing our back catalogue!).  It also encouraged a life-long passion for Male Voice Choirs and the Arts, and gave me self-belief, confidence and a strong desire to help keep the tradition of Welsh choral singing alive.  Aloud embodies all of this, and more, reaching out to young people who might otherwise be overlooked in life, their talent and skills unlocked.  After that St David’s Day service I turned round to my friend and said, ‘I want to be a part of that family’! By supporting the charity via the Calon scheme, I proudly feel a part of the Aloud story.”


Beth yw’ch uchafbwynt chi am waith Elusen Aloud?

“The highlight of my association with Aloud to date has to be helping out on the merchandise stall at this Summer’s concert at St David’s Hall!  Postponed by Covid, the concert was a huge and moving celebration, and I loved playing a small part in its success.  Another highlight has to be meeting and befriending such talented former OBA members like Callum Scott-Howells and watching their careers go from strength to strength, in part credited to the nurture, inspiration and encouragement of Aloud.”

Beth fyddwch chi’n ei ddweud wrth rywun sy’n ystyried cefnogi elusen fach fel Elusen Aloud?

“By supporting a small charity like The Aloud Charity, every penny will go towards changing the lives of young people in Wales, often from deprived and disadvantaged areas.  You will be helping to keep the magic of Male Voice Choirs alive and well and still relevant.  And your heart will swell with pride when you hear it’s name.  When did spending £15 last make you feel like that?!”

Darllenwch fwy am sut allwch chi gefnogi gwaith Elusen Aloud yma.

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Ymaelodi â Chynllun Calon

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