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Aelodau Calon sy’n cynnal curiad Elusen Aloud.  Yn syml, ni fyddai’n bosib inni ddarparu Only Boys AloudOnly Girls Aloud ac Only Kids Aloud heb eich rhoddion hael.

Yn yr ail yn ein Cyfres Rhoi Aloud byddwn ni’n siarad ag aelod Calon, Cyn-aelod Only Boys Aloud ac Ymddiriedolwr Elusen Aloud Elliot Lloyd Howells ar pam y mae’n cefnogi Elusen Aloud:

Beth wnaeth eich ysgogi chi i gefnogi Elusen Aloud drwy ein cynllun Calon?

“Having been both a beneficiary and a Trustee of The Aloud Charity, I know first hand the impact that every pound makes to Aloud. The whole team behind the charity is lean and smart and make incredible use of every penny fundraised. With no public funding, Aloud relies on the generosity of individuals and businesses who recognise the value of Aloud’s work and I fit firmly into that camp. I have felt and seen the impact Aloud has on young people and the musical landscape of Wales and I want to make sure that their work continues for decades to come. “

Beth yw’ch uchafbwynt chi am waith Elusen Aloud?

“My highlight as a member of OBA was singing the final note of Calon Lan during the final of Britain’s Got Talent. Not only because being on a national TV show was pretty exciting, but because an audience of literally millions of people got to experience the power of a choir belting an iconic Welsh hymn! I felt incredibly proud of what we’d achieved and how we were representing Wales. More recently, attending Aloud’s 10th anniversary concert at St David’s Hall with all three of Aloud’s choirs singing on stage at the same time was an amazing representation of how far the organisation has come since OBA’s first performance in 2010.”

Beth fyddwch chi’n ei ddweud wrth rywun sy’n ystyried cefnogi elusen fach fel Elusen Aloud?

“It’s easy for me to say it’s a no brainer as Aloud has been such a big part of my life for the last twelve years. I’d encourage someone to get themselves to a concert or look up some videos online and see exactly how powerful the work of Aloud is. You don’t have to be a choral expert to appreciate the quality of music being produced but, more importantly, the sheer joy on the young people’s faces who are a part of Aloud.”

Darllenwch fwy am sut allwch chi gefnogi gwaith Elusen Aloud yma.

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Ymaelodi â Chynllun Calon

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