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Find answers to the most common questions we get about joining a choir, rehearsals and performances.

Joining an Choir

To register your interest in joining an Only Boys Aloud Choir, drop us an email on [email protected]. We can send you information on your nearest choir to get you signed up. Also, take a look at our Choirs page.

If you’re interested in joining our Only Kids Aloud Chorus, please email [email protected]. Dates for annual auditions will be announced on our social media platforms and listed on our Events page here.

For information on joining in with other activities, please contact us at [email protected] and we will send you all the relevant information.

We have different processes depending on which choir you are joining.

For Only Boys Aloud, you do not have to audition to join. We advise parents to contact us first, but you can just turn up to your local rehearsal and join in. No previous experience necessary!

You will need to audition for our Only Kids Aloud Chorus. Dates for annual auditions will be announced on our social media platforms and listed on our Events page here. Alternatively, please contact us to register your interest.

For information about auditioning for any other activities, please contact us.

No, not at all.

In Only Boys Aloud choirs and the Only Kids Aloud Chorus we do always work with sheet music and you will learn to read music after a while.

You can join any of our Only Boys Aloud choirs when you’re in Year 7 (age 11) and stay until you leave school at 19.

You need to be between 8-11 to join our Only Kids Aloud Chorus, which is specifically designed for primary-age children.

There are no fees to be a member of Only Boys Aloud – it’s completely free. We will even arrange transport for you to attend full rehearsals or to perform at events.

There are some costs associated with joining the Only Kids Aloud Chorus, but these are heavily subsidised and bursary places available. Please contact us for more information.


To find out where your nearest Only Boys Aloud rehearsal takes place, please visit our Find Your Nearest Choir page to find out the address of each choir location. Typically our OBA rehearsals take place in local Community Halls and Sports Clubs.

The Only Kids Aloud Chorus has a residential-style course, which is held in Wales each year. Previously we have stayed at Urdd Residential Centres in Glanllyn and Llangrannog for OKA activities.

Other choir activities, such as Only Fitzalan Aloud and Aloud in the Classroom, take place in the local area, such as in a Community Hall or School.

At Only Boys Aloud, we rehearse every week during school term times and will break during school holidays. We expect members to attend as many rehearsals as possible. Inevitably, there will be times when you may not be able to come, and if this happens we expect to be told beforehand. You can let us know easily by contacting the Aloud office.

At Only Kids Aloud, we rehearse every few months and we expect members to be present at all OKA activities. However, we understand that sometimes it may not be possible for a member to attend and in this instance, you can contact the Aloud office to discuss with the Project Manager. You will receive all proposed rehearsal dates when taking up your place in the Chorus.

We sing a wide variety of repertoire across all of our activity – from pop songs and songs from musicals to traditional Welsh songs.

With Only Boys Aloud, you can come along to a rehearsal to see what it’s all about before joining formally. You are always welcome! Find your local choir here.

The Only Kids Aloud Chorus in an annually recurring project, where we will host auditions in advance.

To get a taste of what being involved in Aloud activities is like, why not visit our YouTube channel to see our performances in action.


Everybody learns at a different pace so it’s always best to consult with your Choir Leader about your readiness to perform. With OBA, we recommend attending at least 6 rehearsals first.

Our Choir Leaders are professional singers and musicians, and will be able to provide the best guidance and most suitable tuition for your level.

We work as a team and learn at a pace to ensure everyone is included.

No, there is never a charge for you to perform.

No OBA or OKA choir member has to take part in performances – you will never be forced to! However, we LOVE performing, and always strive to provide fantastic experiences for our members to perform in some amazing places. The buzz of performing is a definite highlight of being a member.

But don’t take our word for it – visit our blogs to read case studies of our Aloud Alumni.

For Only Boys Aloud, we have two ‘uniforms’ – typically casual performances are blue or black jeans, trainers and a white long-sleeved shirt. More formal performances are black trousers, black socks, black shoes and a long-sleeved white shirt. We always provide a tie for each member when relevant.

The uniform is similar for our OBA Academi.

The Only Kids Aloud Chorus perform in a branded t-shirt, jeans and trainers.

There isn’t a uniform for any other Aloud activities.

At Only Boys Aloud, there are around 10 OBA rehearsals each term (around 30 rehearsals per year). Typically we don’t rehearse during Summer, Christmas or Easter holidays. In addition to weekly rehearsals, there will be occasional regional and full rehearsals which may take place over weekends.

For details on our other activities, including OKA rehearsals, please get in touch. The number of rehearsals for recurring projects varies each year.

Yes, it’s an important part of the Aloud experience that we get to visit new places! We have performed around the UK including London, Nottingham, Birmingham, and even on a Cruise ship! We perform regularly across North and South Wales and we have even been abroad – to Belgium, France and Disneyland Paris.

Although we wish we could travel around the world all the time, we do have to plan our international trips carefully. Additional trips can be expensive, and we always prioritise the wellbeing of our choir members – nearly all of our members are students in school and often have other commitments too.

If you’re interested in booking a choir for an event near you, please click here for information.

To find an event near you where you can hear our choirs perform, visit our What’s On page.

It’s a great idea to practise! For most of our Aloud choir activity, we have an online Rehearsal Room where you can access all the resources you need to practice your songs. You will be given the link when you join.

Just contact the Aloud office to let us know.

If you are of compulsory school age (16 or under) you will be required to have a performance licence to perform in some events. This depends on the type of performance that we’re involved in. If an individual licence is required, you will be sent the relevant paperwork by the office. Please be prompt when completing the paperwork as any member without a licence cannot perform.

No, you will not lose your place, but please make sure you tell us beforehand. You can contact the Aloud office here.

With Only Boys Aloud, transport is provided to full rehearsals and big events. You will need to find your own way to local rehearsals each week and sometimes if a concert is local, you may be asked to find your own way there.

With Only Kids Aloud, transport is sometimes provided but depending on the location and event.

Full details and options for all travel arrangements will be provided during rehearsals in the lead up to an event.

If you have a friend who is interested in joining Only Boys Aloud, it’s absolutely fine for you to bring them along – please do! We love meeting new friends. Find your local choir here.

As Only Kids Aloud is an auditioned choir, unfortunately you won’t be able to bring a friend to rehearsals, but perhaps they could audition next year, or get involved with a different Aloud activity. Ask their parent or guardian to contact us to talk about ways to be involved.

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