Is Singing Really that Important for My Son?


We have seen journalists and scientists talk about the power of various forms of arts in improving young people’s mental wellbeing. But how important is it really for young boys to get involved in the arts?

It is no secret that in today’s fast-paced, busy world, full of screens and constant information overload taking time to look after our mental health is crucial. It is not just about dealing with stress and anxiety, arts have been shown to contribute to children’s cognitive and physical development too.

Different forms of arts help with various parts of development. Music, for example, helps children develop their intellectual, auditory, sensory, speech, and motor skills. It also stimulates their listening skills and emotional intelligence.

When it comes to teenagers, taking part in the arts is proven to develop a lot of skills valued by employers. Persistence, collaboration, creative thinking, motivation, and problem-solving are all great examples! In addition, studies demonstrate that arts exposure can improve a teenager’s confidence and academic performance.

We have seen this first hand as well! 91% of parents said their child’s confidence had improved due to OBA. Additionally, 69% of members felt they had got significantly better at working as part of a team.

We also take some credit for their decision to pursue higher education. In fact, 53% are planning to go to university when they weren’t before.

If you still aren’t persuaded here is a list of other benefits we owe to the arts:

  • Join in! Whether it’s a choir, a dance class, or something else, getting stuck into the arts in a collective environment offers a great sense of community. It’s a lovely opportunity to make friends and talk to new people, boost our social life and kick those blues away! Engaging in an activity with others can also feel less daunting than trying something all by yourself.
  • Get your groove on! Did you know that activities like singing, playing instruments and listening to music releases dopamine, a powerful feel-good hormone?! This happiness hormone is a painkiller and also relieves tensions in our bodies, which has a direct effect on our mental wellbeing!
  • It has been proven that choral singing in particular has many physical and emotional benefits; it regulates our heart rate, reduces feelings of stress and can actually increase our life expectancy!
  • Use the arts to relax while feeling productive! Learning to relax is not as easy as we might first think. Doing something that feels productive but stimulates our brain in a different way can be a great first step. You know you are learning a skill but there is no added stress – perfect!
  • Art is a medicine – it offers a great outlet for expressing and processing emotions…and the best thing about being creative is it is very personal. Spending some time experimenting creatively is fantastic for relieving anxiety and channelling it into something more positive. It can also help us feel more in touch with our emotions, and more capable of managing them.

We are always looking for new members of our choir! At the minute rehearsals are done online which is a great, easy way for your child to dabble in something new that he might not have tried before.

Find more information on how to join here:

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