Cardiff University Internships: Introducing Mehr


Hello! I’m Mehr; an enthusiastic foodie, part-time photographer, and passionate marketer with a flair for discovering and sharing hidden gems. 

I am from Pakistan, and currently enrolled in MSc Marketing at Cardiff University which has been an enriching academic journey with a vibrant university life. Although I’ve explored various interests throughout my life, I always find myself drawn back to marketing and communication. There is something uniquely fulfilling about showcasing a product or person’s potential to the world. People often refer to me as a “walking, talking marketeer”; whenever I stumble across something great, I capture it and share it around as a way of helping local businesses gain the well-deserved attraction and recognition. Hence, it brings me immense joy to know that I’m contributing to their success in some way.

Prior to my Masters, I have done my Bachelors in Business and Management from University of London that amplified my passion for marketing. Professionally, I worked as a Marketing Associate at a technology start-up, Flare, and the best part of my job was the creative freedom I had as I managed the social media and created ad campaigns. Fun-fact is that I was often known as the brand ambassador for Flare by my friends as I used to be the face of the company in much of the content for socials – but I loved doing what I did though ;). Moving on, I have also worked with a not-for-profit organization, MAMT Schools, in the capacity of admin assistant and marketing associate where I led several successful fundraising campaigns and established the online presence of MAMT Schools, deepening my skills and passion for communication and networking. 

To further my passion and skills, I am diving into a new role as a Community Engagement and Partnerships Intern at The Aloud Charity, which I like to call a platform for any and everyone, as the organization focuses on positively changing lives of individuals through singing and welcomes all, hence, practices inclusivity. If you’re on the hunt for a sense of belonging, fulfilment, and community, look no further than Aloud. The organization ticks all the boxes, offering a platform where people can thrive together. I am delighted to be a part of the warmest and welcoming work family that strives to make a positive impact on youth’s lives. 

Stay tuned as I embark on this exciting journey and join me as I explore the collaborative power of marketing, community, and the transformative power of music. 



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