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“Welcome to our Annual Report for 2022/23 and thank you for your interest in our work. This year has been significant for The Aloud Charity: September 2022 was the first full term of rehearsals following the pandemic, and only then did we start to notice the impact that COVID-19 has had on young people’s mental health and well-being. Although we have developed many exciting areas of our work, including the introduction of Only Girls Aloud, our focus has been on providing security and stability for our participants and staff, rebuilding the levels of excellence we strive for.

Read about the last year at The Aloud Charity in our new Annual Report:

Our mission is to transform lives together through the power of song. Our core values are excellence, inclusivity, learning and passion. We believe that being part of a choir can change a young person’s life: opening doors to new opportunities, developing confidence and self-esteem, providing a safe space with positive role models, and nurturing talent. Our dedicated team works to deliver high quality music experiences for young people across Wales. We ran 15 choirs this year: 11 Only Boys Aloud choirs, 1 Only Girls Aloud choir, 1 Only Kids Aloud choir and 1 Academi choir. Our core choirs are completely free and bursaries are offered to support any fees for additional projects or activities. We also enjoyed working with 12 schools in Aloud in the Classroom.

Having recently celebrated our 10th Anniversary as a charity, Aloud is proud of our resilience, our passion and our evolving story, which continues to prove that our choral traditions in Wales are very much alive and kicking!”

Craig Yates, Creative Director

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