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  1. What an amazing performance at the opening ceremony of the Cyngerdd yr Urdd 2015 they did us all proud considering only 80% of those boys are not welsh speakers , well done to all the soloists and to Tim Rhys Evans absolutely loved it

    1. What a fantastic show at Cardiff on 22/10 for Oma decade tour. I had goosebumps when they started Calon lan and the screen revealed the oba choir. It was extra special to see Tim again. A wonderful evening, congratulations.

  2. Please tell me when you will be touring America – how our young men need you to teach them what is good and worthwhile for their lives too. God bless you!

  3. HELLO !!! One of the closing songs performed at this years Academi. From the opening chorus of The Book of Mormon, a fantastic Broadway show. Well… I was privileged to attend yesterday, another end of week performance given by the young men who took part in this years ‘OBA Academi’ at St’Donat’s. A simply stunning performance given by a group of young men who have just taken part in an intensive week of study and coaching by Tim and all the crew. For me it’s a round trip of almost 500 miles and, I have attended every closing performance except the first. I never cease to be amazed by the energy and commitment shown by everyone. Young men aged between 16 and 19 who revel in learning and performing works by the like’s of Tippet, Britten and Bernstein, classics of the best. Not only that they learned and performed in SIX languages, English, Welsh, French, German, Latin and Hungarian. This is a workload which many adults would shy away from yet these young men relish, enjoy and rise to the challenge. Simply, for the love of music! Well guys ‘It was staggeringly good’ My long drive is nothing compared to the work load you completed in a week and, it must be stressed you do it ‘because you enjoy it’ I’m struggling to find better words to describe what I watched’ Words just don’t seem to convey how much enjoyment you provide to not only your families but also your many fans. Thank you all for a stunning performance. I just wish I could express my joy in a better way. Thanks’ again and Keep it up! Phil Yew.

  4. I wanted to compliment all of you on such a beautiful talent – individually and collectively. You bring tears of joy to my eyes when I listen to your music. Thank you all for sharing your extraordinary talent with the world. God Bless all of you.

  5. I developed a love for choral singing while still in high school. I still enjoy listening to good choirs. I found your 2012 audition video on YouTube and was stunned by your talent. Being able to clearly hear the words sung by that many people is a testament to not only the talent of your choir master, but to each of you as well. Your passion for the music and the effort you put into each song comes through beautifully in everything I’ve heard you sing. Best of luck to each of you in what ever you pursue after Only Boys Aloud. I’m sure the experience will only benefit you no matter what direction life takes each of you.

  6. Hi, I teach high school chorus and showed my boys the BGT performance on you tube. They were blown away and would love to sing the arrangement of Calon Lan performed by your boys. Where can I purchase the arrangement and accompaniment CD? Thanks so much and KEEP SINGING!!! You are doing great work! Mary

  7. I have purchased both of your CDs and sincerely hope you are working on a new one. You guys are the Very Best! Hopefully, one day, you will tour the USA. I would really look forward to that!!! Good and keep on singing!!! Hal Nemecheck

  8. Hi, my name is Michael, i am from germany. I searched one evening on youtube, then I found ur first audition on BGT. As i heard the massive voice of the chorus, my neck hair stand up! Such great voices, such a wonderful song (Calon Lan), such incredible performance…i pay u ALL my highest respect for ur work!! I hope i get a cd here in germany from ur chorus!!! Best greetings from germany!

  9. The 5 year anniversary concert held last night at the Wales Millennumn centre was an evening of pure entertainment and lots of tears and laughter , Only Kids Aloud what a fab sound and Only Men Aloud were brilliant but of course the boys stole the show when you have been involved with them for 5 years not only are you proud of your own son but also of all the other sons what an achievement , looking forward to the hearing the 5 track EP.

  10. As a father of one of the boys who performed last night I couldn’t be more proud. A huge congratulations to all who sang and a huge thanks to the team captains and ofcourse Tim

  11. I have been listening to OBA over and over again since I found it, purely by accident, over year ago. Since then I have found much music performed by Welsh, Irish and Scots groups. I now know why I have always enjoyed gaelic, celtic music since I am of Scots, Irish heritage. When is OBA coming to Napa. We have a world class high school choir and choir director, Travis Rogers, who has seen his young people perform literally all over the world. They would benefit so much with a connection to OBA. I would love to hear from you.

  12. Why is your album not available in the United States-at least on iTunes? I’d pay good money for uninterrupted gorgeousness. The Only Men Aloud album is available, but not yours. I fell in love with your GBT performance of Calon Lân and recently found a decent translation. It actually changed my life. Thank you so much for bringing your traditions to modern times for people to enjoy that might not ever hear Welsh male choirs otherwise.

  13. I saw the Britain’s Got Talent “Calon Lon” audition. It not only brought chills to me but tears as well. I am having a rough week and this performance has brought my spirit up. Thank you!!!

  14. I am so moved by this organization, and the remarkable work you do. The goodness you bring to the lads, is reflected in the beauty of the music they make. Thank you lads, and choir master for sharing their talents with the world – they raise us all up. Cheers, stw

  15. Just saw your x factor audition blew me and my friends away. It would be grand to get you down to Australia one day. Good luck in growing the voice community. We’ll be watching

  16. am from the United Sates. I saw you in (thru You Tube) BGT in 2012. It’s 2015 and , and I still watch you in You Tube. You guys were amazing then and I still find you amazing. I hope that someday I can get to see you perform here in Las Vegas.

  17. I keep watching YouTube videos of Only BOys Aloud over and over again. I still think they are a fantastic choir and the arrangements of their songs are absolutely brilliant. I would love to see them in Australia.

  18. I was just watching the calon lan performance on bgt. So beautiful. Especially that lad Ifan. First time a voice has made me cry. Doesn’t hurt that he’s a good looking fella either. 😉 and when the choir came out I got chills all over. I didn’t even understand the words but the emotion was unmistakable. Means a lot to me as I’m going through a lot right now with being in my final year and all . I live all the way across the globe in India and I want you guys to know that your impacting people all over the world. Great work Tim. Love y’all

  19. Thank you Tim for bringing us a wonderful choir that inspires me and sends chills down my spine every time I watch them sing. It makes me smile SO MUCH to know that the lives of young men and boys are being changed through the power of music. Awesome work – if you come to Australia one day, I’ll be there!

  20. What an inspiration – fantastic , i love the fact that you are helping so many young men to do better to dream better. Fantastic – love the Welsh langauge. greetings from Australia

  21. Gentlemen I saw a post on Facebook this morning of your performance on Britain’s Got Talent….it was magnificent…and brought me to tears. I have watched it several times since and it hits me the same each time. I cannot believe your voices – so beautifully clear, etc. What gentlemen you are. I do have one question though — please tell me what the hymn/song was that you sang on BGT? Please — it is stuck in my head and it is so so beautiful. Thank you — and God Bless you all!

  22. Hello from Canada, I am a teacher and absolutle love your choir. Is there any chance you will be doing a tour in Canada anytime soon. I work with children from a low socioeconmic background and it would be inspiring to have them hear you. Thanks for the wonderful music ! Mary Jo

  23. I only learned about the choir a couple days ago. And since I look your videos again and again. I was in a child home and know how important it is to give these young boys a perspective. Well done! My special greetings to you all from South Africa, near Cape Town. Hope to see you once here 😉

  24. As 2 Health Visitors in Ystradgynlais we have just won a Welsh Nurse of the Year award for developing a parent and child Swimming group and a Nursery Rhyme book to accompany it. The parents are very keen to sing an record these rhymes themselves. Our manager Sharon Fernandez gas suggested we contact uou to tequest your help please.The group and booklet is ni lingual

  25. Very happy to see the thriving success of choir programmes in Wales. Nick Bristow was and excellent choir director and music teacher for me back in Monmouth Comprehensive over a decade ago. So many happy memories!

  26. As an American of Welsh descent I have always been proud of my Welsh heritage, but never more so than when I saw the video of OBA singing Calon Lan! It brings tears to my eyes every time! Blessings on all of you and never stop singing!

  27. I first heard Only Boys aloud on BGT and loved your beautiful music. I would hope that some day you make it to the Pacific northwest in the USA for a concert.

  28. Hello! Looking Forward to see the academi-concerts again. Wish you all the best for it. Hope to see you soon. Michael from Bavaria

  29. love listening to OBA. Wondering if you all would be coming to the U.S.? I live in Massachusetts. Also would love to hear all of you sing Tydi a Roddaist?

  30. Hello from Michigan in the U.S. What a wondrous, life-changing thing you have all done! I’m 63, but I can remember well enough how tough it sometimes was, to be a boy facing the challenges of growth in a complicated world. Being able to affirm one’s own self in such a positive way as singing in a choir? It’s brilliant! I imagine you’re all very much engaged in making life-long friendships, and a lifetime of accomplishment. We need your example in so many communities here in America. And when we are able to do what you have so ably accomplished, we should teach our boys to sing Calon Lan, a gift you have presented to the whole world. Calon Lan, in tribute to the boys of Wales who have so inspired us, should be made the universal anthem of every boys’ choir in the world that has been inspired by all of you. Thank you so very much!

  31. I’d Heard Only Boys Aloud on BGT and i like to hear your beautiful voice. i hope to see you come in indonesia. wish you all the best and be motivator for young people to make best positif. god bless u all.

  32. The most beautiful voices in the world! Just bought a CD and can’t wait to hear it. I found you on Britain’s Got Talent Website for the first time and was truly moved by your very first audition. Been listening to you ever since. You are all in my prayers for wonderful success and safety while you travel and grow. Remember you are never alone. God bless you all. And God bless Wales.

  33. Hi! I’m Katie I’m 13, I LOVE! OBA I think your amazing! And a lot of your songs really bring a tear to my eye❤️ I know that if my Great Grandfather was alive he would be crying with tears of joy for his home Wales

  34. I’m from Argentina. I saw you in BGT last month (youtube). You are amazing. I love Calon La. I saw your videos again and again. I showed them to my pupils because I´m an English teacher at secondary school. I think Nick Bristow is an excellent choir director. I´m waiting for your answer !!. Laura from Oriente, a small town in Buenos Aires province.

  35. Pontio – Bangor, 20th July 2016 The sheer breadth of musicianship, vibrancy of performance and total command of all that was delivered during the OBA Academi performance was an utter delight. I was completely gobsmacked (to use the current vernacular) with the whole concert. I remain somewhat incredulous about the fact that all these boys were between 16 and 19 years of age! I was introduced to quite a lot of music which I had never heard before – always refreshing. To all concerned, many hearty congratulations and sincere personal thanks for a truly memorable evening. Nigel Turner, MIDDLEWICH, Cheshire

  36. you are awesome singers and you touch my heart so much and you inspire me I have follow you on all social media and sub you on youtube I have autism and you are all my heroes and I hope we can be friendsxxx you cheer me up all the time and make my day xxxx

  37. I have followed your progress and I am a fan of not only the choir but the goal of the choir. I wish someday your organization would fill the need to visit the United States and share your wonderful music and attitude on life. You inspire the world in your efforts to share music and hearts to fulfill solid meaning to life itself. Respectfully

  38. I just wanted to tell Only Boys Aloud that their music has truly touched the hearts of another person all the way in the United States. I can tell that you sing with your whole selves and do so beautifully… it is truly an inspiration. I already have Calon Lan memorized and I just heard it for the first time less than a week ago- I have listened to it that much!!! Thank you all!

  39. Good Morning,
    when and where is it possible to join a concert from OBA? we would love to come and visit or is there a tour planned?
    thank you for your answer…

  40. I recently saw and heard one of your performances. I cried like a baby! I have not been touched like that since Susan Boyle I think. Absolutely Amazing! My tears were tears of JOY! You guys uplifted my spirit! Hearing you truly is inspiring; and, I wish only the best for all of you. Your organization is something that should certainly be treasured. I look forward to hearing you again in the near future. GOOD LUCK!

  41. Good Morning.

    I absolutely love this choir. I am also a choir director from Cornwall and as trying to find the arrangement the boys used for BGT. Any help locating it would be much appreciated.


  42. Hello together,

    how are you? Please can you tell me if the academi Concerts this year will take place only in Cardiff? Perhaps again in beautiful St. Donats? I think I`m one of OBA`s biggest fans. Since 2013 I come every year from Germany to Wales to see the beautiful Academi concerts. I would be very pleased about your answer.

    Thank you very much.


  43. Hello Michael, the Academi will have performances on Monday 16th July at Bradenstoke Hal, St Donats, and also at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama on Friday 20th July. Please see our Events page for more details. Thank you!

  44. I just found your video on YouTube. What an incredible performance! You really gave me chills. I work for a non-profit organisation in performing arts in South Africa and I gathered from the prologue of the Britain’s Got Talent audition, that we share the same interests in keeping the youth off the streets, drug- and abuse free etc. by providing a safe environment. Well done!

  45. First found your videos on YouTube, through BGT programs. Had me in tears, guys! Literally!!! What a breathtaking sound from a talented group of young men who enjoy singing….you have every right to be proud of your work. I have purchased the CD, both versions, as well as a couple of other Welsh choirs, namely the Treorchy Male Voice Choir, to sample more Welsh music. Makes me want to investigate my ancestral heritage, now!

    You have brought this man great joy and many hours of musical enjoyment, as I listen, already, to the CDs and the videos on YouTube. I sincerely hope that the group that exists at that time will one day tour the USA, and I will get to hear them, or hear them over on your side of the Atlantic.

    Thanks, and God bless you all for such beautiful music to be enjoyed by the masses. You do a great service, and I hope you all know that!

  46. Would it be possible to sit in on a practice session? We are visiting from the US and won’t have the opportunity to be here during a performance. We will be near Cardiff on November 2, 2018. Thanks,

  47. My first exposure to Only Boys Aloud was when I, accidentally, found the video of their audition. I was intrigued and decided to view the video. Calon Lan touched my soul. I don’t know Welsh so I couldn’t know what was being sung, but it was beautiful and reached out to me. I put together a playlist with almost 240 videos. I know there are a lot of duplicates, That doesn’t bother me because I listen to the music almost daily when I’m on my computer. I just noticed that I’ve had over 4000 hits on my playlist. I guess I hit a cord with other music lovers.

    I’m planning a trip to the British Isles to visit the places important to my ancestry. I will be visiting Scotland, Ireland, and England. Because of the choir, I will spend time in Wales. I will plan my vacation around an Only Boys Aloud concert,

  48. Hello. I just love the audition on Britain’s Got Talent. Such an amazing group! When Amanda asked about the group, one of the boys said you were a male singing group from ????? Valley. What valley was he talking about? I couldn’t quite make it out. Thanks much.

  49. I have sung the “Last Words of David” before and heard it sung by many groups. Never have I heard it sung so beautifully and with such perfection as you all did. I just bought your most recent album and hope you will include it in your next one!
    I just wish I were living in Wales and in my teens again to join your choir.
    All the best from Dallas, Texas!
    David William Wallace

  50. Hello Only Boys Aloud!
    I’ve just heard your rendition of my arrangement, Loch Lomond, from July, 2018. Fabulous job! Wonderful sonorities and interpretation. Thank you so much for singing my music.

    One note, for your consideration: in the solo “the waters lie sleeping”, I wrote for the choir to cut off and the soloist to continue holding for dramatic effect. (Making the transition from happiness to grief.) But I think all your musical interpretation decisions were excellent.

    By the way, I direct a Welsh choir in Vancouver, Canada – the Vancouver Welsh Men’s Choir.


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