Only Boys Aloud

Alumni Profile – Elliot

Elliot was a founding member of OBA in 2010. Having gone on to study at Cardiff University, Elliot now lives in London and works at Microsoft, leading the Higher Education sector for Microsoft’s Business Applications Platform. Alongside his day job, Elliot is also a Trustee of Aloud and runs TEDxLondon; part of the global TED public speaking programme.

What OBA group were you a member of?
Only Treorchy Boys Aloud

Between what years were you a member?
2010 – 2013

What was the best thing about being in OBA?
Where do I start?! The best thing for me was getting the opportunity to do what I loved, with people I loved in some of the most prestigious venues in the UK and beyond.

Did being a member of OBA help you achieve your goals or ambitions?
Absolutely. The opportunities I had to represent OBA and Aloud on stage and on television honed my public speaking skills, taught me to articulate a message effectively and helped me grow in confidence when in front of an audience. These are all things I need for my job every single day and OBA played a huge part in me developing those skills.

What advice would you give to a boy who is thinking about joining OBA?

It will be the best hobby you ever have and you will get opportunities that you never even knew existed. Believe it or not, the “singing” bit is a tiny fraction of what makes it so enjoyable – the camaraderie amongst everyone during truly unique experiences is something that will stay with you forever!

Can you sum up your OBA experience in 3 words?
Three unforgettable years…