Only Boys Aloud

10 Downing Street

What an opportunity!
As part of the St David’s Day celebration at Downing Street, our 2015 Prinicpality Only Boys Aloud Acdemi members were asked to sing at a reception at 10 Downing Street! We jumped at the chance to sing at this iconic and world –famous venue! Before we knew it we were on a bus heading to the center of London and were dropped off on Whitehall where we glimpsed Downing Street for the first time. We made their way off the bus up to the famous gates of Downing Street where we all had to show ID before we went through security. Then we were in! We could see the glimmering famous door of 10 Downing Street and it was such a surreal feeling walking through the door that so many past Prime Ministers, MPs and famous leaders from all over the world had also walked. Then it was up the stairs, past portraits of Prime Ministers from the past and into the room where we were performing. We had a quick sound check before the guests arrived then we had a chance to mingle with the guests (and eat some nibbles!). Then David Cameron walked in and we sang Calon Lan and Try Again before he came to speak to us! After our performance, it was back on the bus for the journey home, with the obligatory stop in the services for a Buger King of course! We may never have the opportunity to go in to 10 Downing Street again so we definitely won’t forget this experience in a hurry!